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My ass hurts.

Some of you guys are probably laughing your head away already. Now…why does my ass hurt you ask? Well, I caught a bug in Bali which caused me to have a touch of diarrhoea (read earlier entry). It kinda cleared up the week after but turns out that my bowels are still sensitive to oily, fried foods and chilli. I ate fish and chips on Sun and I woke up @ 4am on Mon with sharp pains and had to rush to the loo. My intestines are still having bouts of spasms. Hence the pain. *sigh* Yes, I’ve gone to see the doc and I need to eat plain, soupy stuff for the next couple of weeks until my intestines return to normal. Damn. My stomach used to be strong. I could eat tons of rubbish and not succumb to food poisoning (of course I have had food poisoning before). I’m getting old…..body taking longer to heal itself. *sigh*

Jiak commented last night that I’m over qualified to be calling cabs for colleagues. Sing and Moon had once commented that they can forsee me being a business woman. I agree. I know that I am made for better things. However, as I’ve repeatedly said to others, I’m doing this for the money. Yes Jiak, the money is definitely a lot better than others. To which, I sincerely feel that the average Singaporean is earning less than they deserve. That being said, I don’t hate my job. I’m just using it as a means to fulfill bigger dreams. I’m taking baby steps. So…Kewei and Jib…*ahem* websites done by end of this month, k? (^^)

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