Guilt When Faced With Dire Situation

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Mel feels guilty.

Guilty that she’s thinking about her knotted right shoulder and aching lower back as well as how to entertain herself during the weekends. Why? Cos she should be showing more concern for Moon as her dad has just been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Knotted muscles really seem small compared to something so life threatening. However, I try to put things into perspective and I try to be as positive and optimistic as possible. Have faith. In yesterday’s sermon, Father was talking about how we should put Jesus as our foundation and I agree. I wonder whether I have done so as well. Of course I worry like any other normal human being but when something happens, I strangely feel calm. I wish that Moon’s family and herself are also able to find peace of mind. Like I always say, there’s no point worrying all the time. Worrying doesn’t solve the problem nor make the issue any easier.

We all have this feeling that my granny’s time is also coming up soon. Nonetheless, I’m not filled with a sense of dread. I have faith that she’ll be going to a better place. Death is inevitable. I do fear my own because I fear I’ll end up in hell (wry laugh). *sigh* The living should not forget to live (^ ^)

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