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Yes…I’ve done it. I’m tardy with my blog. Well…the thing is that I’ve been down with the cold AGAIN, which was damn annoying. Besides that, I guess I have a lot to say but I’ve kinda forgotten? Oops.

By the way, I’ve watched “Red Cliff”, “Hellboy 2” and “Batman – the Dark Knight”. My comments are as such:

Red Cliff: Very good film to watch for historical reasons. However, what irked me was John Woo’s attempt at being artistic. There will be certain parts where the scene freezes and then jumps to another scene. What’s up with that? I’m all for experimenting but dear John, please play along styles that look natural. As expected from John Woo, the film doesn’t have many picturesque scenes like one would expect from Zhang Yimou or Ang Lee. Nonetheless, it is a film filled with yummy actors such as Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung and Chang Chen. Visual feasting!! 😀

Hellboy 2: Just a fun movie to watch along with a tub of popcorn with your mates. I’m expecting a Hellboy 3.

Batman – The Dark Knight: Critics were right. Chris Nolan writes movies that makes the audience think. Didn’t quite believe this part until after the movie and I realised how much my parents didn’t understand -__-; especially my mum. Can’t quite recall what she didn’t catch but yes…I had to explain how one guy had a bomb and mobile phone surgically implanted and WHY he allowed it in the first place. *Sigh* Listen carefully man…listen…..

Heath Ledger’s performance was FANTASTIC, EXCELLENT and *no pun intended* THE BOMB!

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