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I am guilty….

of blog abandonment!! 😛

Sorry guys…but all of a sudden, I just didn’t feel compelled to blog although there have been stuff that happened in my life. Take for example, yesterday was Sing’s and Chow’s birthday party at their new place and we played ‘Truth or Dare Jenga’. The instructions wrote that its meant for adults but the dares and the truth questions were really ‘DUH’…so we came up with our own dare questions which resulted in Sing and I sending a raunchy text message to Moon’s “boyfriend” in Oz. HHAAHAHAHA…the message read, “I get hot and wet and bothered whenever I think of you every nite…I can imagine you inside me…luv your notti girl..grr…” We even took a photo of Sing (with a sheer undie on her head) hugging Moon and texted it to him. I asked Moon how did he respond and turned out that Sing used too many short forms in the message and he didn’t quite understand it but he found the photo cute. Boring. *Yawn* We wanted him hot and bothered!!! Darn it.

Ooh….Kewei showed me the skeleton of my service website and I’m glad to announce the the website will be up in 2 weeks time! Of course there will be kinks to even out and some teething issues…but its finally happening! All right! 😀 Ok Jib…now it’s your turn. Come to think of it, I actually gave you 3 months to work on it and not 2 as mentioned last night. Bah. Yes, yes, I know its complicated but I know that you’re capable.

Now, I’ve got to chase our dear Jaimes for my photoshop-ed pics. Stupid thing is that his lappie got infected with a virus, so goodness knows when he’ll get it virus-free enough to edit those pictures. By the way, if you guys have any ideas on what you want but can’t get in Singapore (can range from car parts to clothes/ accessories/ books/ DVDs), please give me a buzz or just drop a note in my chatterbox. Cheerios~

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