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The liquid diet started on Thu at Hotel Intercontinental during their cocktail reception to launch their opening of the new club lounge. The new club lounge is now located on 2F instead of on the 11F, between the club floors. The concept is that the lounge is now open to all club floor occupants as well as any other guest who is willing to pay a premium for the club lounge facilities. I must say that the new club lounge is rather fancy schmancy with very nice decor, which I can only describe as neo-Peranakan. I was telling my sales coverer that I want the Peranakan ware that they used to decorate the whole place. Just to add to my mum’s collection! 🙂 Good move to the hotel for removing 7 guest rooms that used to face the Bugis Junction shopping centre and convert it into the said club lounge!

As I mentioned earlier, the liquid diet began here at the cocktail reception. Let the count begin:

1 white wine
0.5 sweet martini (yucks)
2 lychee martinis (yum)
1 brown cow (yum…..kahlua with milk)

Yes, I did have finger food with the drinks but I was tired and I haven’t been drinking frequently (not to mention I downed the white on an ’empty’ stomach), which resulted me in being tipsy by the end of the 2nd lychee martini. Eeks.

I ‘rested’ this diet on Fri. Finally, I had a happening Saturday yesterday!! It started out with CLEO’s career workshop together with the girls. Now, you might be asking why am I attending this workshop despite me already having a job? Ditto to my gal pals. Well, I thought it was going to be a workshop to help you find that dream job or finding out ways to further your career path. The free ZA products sure didn’t hurt either *wink*. However, the workshop seemed more geared towards fresh graduates who are starting their job search – make-up demonstration (still relatively relevant for me…I guess?), how to write a resume (or C.V. in the Brit context), basic tips on how to sail through interviews, how to dress according to your skin/ hair colour (hmm…remotely interesting), degrees and post-grad degrees offered by Kaplan in Singapore (relevant and could’ve been more interesting had they answered my question: “How do you value add compared to other schools that are offering MBAs?”). The organisers didn’t quite factor in the fact that these events tend to overrun and therefore, when it was mine and Moon’s turn for the free ‘make-over’, ours was a rush job. Our poor make-p artistes had to slap on make-up on us while the hotel staff were removing partitions, moving tables and chairs, playing around with the lightings as there was going to be another event which had booked 2 rooms of Pan Pac’s Ocean ballroom (we were using 1 room). Ah well.

Sing ran off half way for her pole-dancing lesson while Moon and I went for hot chocolate once the workshop ended. I just had a craving for a salad (don’t ask me why) and ordered a grilled chicken caesar salad with Moon watching me munch on greens…haha…those who know Moon should know that she doesn’t eat veggies. So she was just watching me polish off the whole plate of greens. It would have been torture if I had asked her to eat the whole plate. Haha.

Moon got bored halfway and decided to call her Ozland guy (disclaimer…he’s not Aussie…he just lives there). When she was talking halfway, I shouted into her phone “She’s ours for the night!! Remember the names Melissa and Sing Yee and we love soft nougats!!!!” Wahahahahaha….

Time really flew and soon it was 7pm and Sing trotted down to meet us after her pole lesson. We then walked to Raffles City to meet with Chowchow. Originally, we wanted to go along with Moon’s suggestion of going to the food court before heading off to the National Museum to view the various installations and take part in the other activities held during the Night Festival. However, Chow suddenly went, “Or would you guys rather go to Loof?” *Tinkle in eyes* YES!

Loof ( is located at Odeon Towers and the drinks + food there are gooooood. If you have a Citibank Plat card or any biz card, you can get 1-for-1 drinks. Moon brought her biz cards so we managed to get their promotional 1-for-1 drinks before 8.30pm! In addition, chowchow had a pamphlet that allowed us to have a free platter. Score! We should really check out their Satay Mondays where they give free flow of satays from 6-9pm as well as their Martini Tues where martinis go at 40% disc from 8-10pm. Now, that platter was small, so we definitely ordered a lot more food:

1 plate Loofalo wings
2 plates bacon wrapped scallops
1 plate Magic mushrooms
2 pizzas

My personal drink list:
2 white chocolate martinis
1 strawberry magarita
a few sips of Moon’s Loof Life

Any complaints? None except that we were leaning against the lighted glass, which was HOT. 2 cushions wasn’t enough to dispel the heat. Moon complained that she was having her hair steamed. Haha…

When chow took this pic, he said that I was already ‘drunk’. Whatever.
Towards the end of the dinner, Moon’s bf in Ozland called and she just haaad to turn her head to the side and she started talking really softly. Couldn’t resist imitating her! Yes dahhling, sweetheart, honey…sleep early ok? Muahahahahahahaha!

Surprisingly, we arrived at Loof at around 7.45pm and left at 10pm! Time really just goes by when you’re relaxed and having fun huh. We then took a short walk over towards the Singapore Art Museum and National Museum to first see the light installations…..

This is all done with light! During this fest, all museums were open till 2am with free admission! I’ve never seen the museum so crowded before. Anyway, we decided to walk into the museum since we haven’t been inside ever since the renovation works ended (I’ve only been to Muse – the restaurant/ bar). We were greeted very aptly by a pink Adonis….

After walking a round…we soon got really tired and decided to call it a day. Technically speaking, it was the end of the day as well since it was just past midnight. Sing and Chow headed off to Millenia Walk where she parked her car while Moon & I shared a cab home. Tired but what a good Saturday!! I like!!!

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