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Mel has been hit with the Olympics fever!

Man….are athletes hot or what! Especially the swimmers and the gymnasts! My attention was caught the whole of today by the very cute Tomita Hiroyuki of Japan. The French gymnast who won bronze also looks like a rock star but anyway…back to Tomita-kun….

That’s him on the pommel horse and he was excellent. He wasn’t performing that well today though. He fell off the rings (his hand slipped) and he fell again after the vaults. His fall from the rings looked painful and that might’ve affected his mood during the vaults.

I went searching online and found this old video of an interview of him. Check out his hot bod!! He’s quite endearingly cute. The interviewer asked him whether he uses gym machines, he replied, “No. Only gymnastics.” They then went on to test his fat percentage. According to the narrator, normal men have about 20% of body fat while athletes have about 10%. When Tomita-kun held onto the machine, an error message turned up!! Haha….this meant that he has close to 0% fat! To which, his reply was: I have some, I think…..

Tomita Hiroyuki Video

Anyway…pls check out the video and let me know whether you agree with me or not.

Now now…before you start bashing me about being shallow and viewing the Olympics not for the sports but for the oggling of fit bods, this is what I have to say: STOP KIDDING YOURSELF and STOP BEING THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!

I was talking online to a guy friend while he was watching the female diving and he kept going “Guo JingJing’s hot!” So…this only goes to show that there is a percentage where we DO watch the Olympics for the sheer love of watching of the sport but we do love to see their fit, lean bods. Women oggle at men, men oggle at women. Of course, if your gay, you’d be oggling at men and lesbians at women. Now…I think bisexuals are really at an advantage! They’ll be watching and then go, “Oh that man’s hot! Oh wait…that girl’s cuter. Ooohh…that guy is droolsome!”

Wahahahaha…..ooh…I love the Olympics!

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