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I realise that I tend to blog on Sundays – when I’m actually free and relaxed enough to blog. Yesterday, I went to China One with Jiak & Mel Li. The live band was very very good and the mood there was quite good.

However, I think my luck during clubbing is quite lousy when it comes to being whacked or stepped on. There was this seriously rowdy idiot who has butted me twice, whacked me on the head once, bumped into me 4 times and stepped on the back of my heel thrice!! He was jumping around and just damn oblivious to the people around him. He didn’t care whether he hurt anyone. When he butted me, I actually pushed him back and he honestly didn’t care!!! What’s wrong with these people? We all wanted to have a good time but please don’t be such an idiot and spoil other’s fun.

We met a sec school classmate and she was out with 2 other friends. One of them was whacking Mel Li & I with her hair several times. Quite irritating actually. Nonetheless, I had to forgive her since I too have long hair and have prolly whacked a few people in my time with it.

I think I’m getting old. I usually can club till 3am but I had to stop @ 1:45am. Was suddenly feeling a bit wearied. Was it the crowd? The mix between the DJ music and live band that made you superbly aware of the time??? Or could the fact that I was feeling very sian in the beginning be the main reason? HHmm…..Anyway, after getting out of China One, we headed to Nectarie for ice cream and hot chocolate. I love their Jack Daniel’s ice cream but unfortunately enough, it was sold out. This happens to me almost EVERYTIME I go there. I think I need to be there at 7pm in order to get a scoop. Hmm…idea: go to Nectarie for ice cream first before going clubbing!! 🙂 So….without my Jack Daniel’s ice cream, I tried their Lavender Honey ice cream and it was a weird pastel shade of green.

Jiak: I thought Lavender’s supposed to be purple?
Me: Uh huh. Dunno…maybe the extract of the actual plant isn’t?
Jiak: It looks like listerine.
Me: ….thanks ah.

Btw, if you don’t like lavender, you will detest that ice cream. It was almost like eating a scent pouch. As we were eating our ice cream, Jiak started talking about how goat’s milk was more suited for making ice cream because the fat gobules emulsifies better than cow’s milk. She ended her statement with a “Cow’s milk is just all fats.”

-__-; I gave her the look and went, “Thanks ah. Now I feel extra guilt for eating this scoop of ice cream. First you say that its the colour of Listerine and now that its full of fats. I suddenly lost my appetite for my ice cream.”

Eating with Jiak was never this ‘painful’. Must be the ice cream. *Grabs love handles* Ok…I shall stop this indulgence. Perhaps I should detox. Hmm….

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