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Well, before I start off on the usual doom’s-day gloomy entry…let’s talk about happier things first. Ryosuke finally visits Singapore after 2 years!!! Oh my…how time flies. The nice guy bought the following sweets for me from Kyoto….

It’s pure sugar and a bit of flour I tell you. Need to brush teeth and gargle after eating a bit of them….

We had dinner @ my place on Friday and Ryosuke prepared (mind you that I didn’t say cook) temaki (hand roll) and sukiyaki for us. It was quite delicious (thank goodness? haha…just kidding) and we all had fun. Especially since I hadn’t seen Eddie, Tianfa and Justin for a year as well.
Ok…here comes the doom’s day comment: Lehman Bros must be turning in their graves. The whole world is in a mess and panic. Will we be experiencing a global recession? *Gasp*

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