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Today has been a day full of irritation….

It all started this morning when I was running late (as usual) and I hopped into the cab. I work at 1 Raffles LINK and not 1 Raffles QUAY. How can LINK and QUAY sound similar at all? Link is pronounced ling-k while Quay is pronounced as key. The pronunciation for both are poles apart!! Not only that…after I mention that it’s 1 Raffles Link, next to Marina Square and Suntec City, my dear taxi uncles, why do you guys love to ask: “The one next to NTUC building ah?” NO!!!! Oh gosh…my instructions can’t get any clearer for goodness’ sakes. Ok…let’s stop with the 1 Raffles Link, 1 Raffles Quay, 1 George Street and 1 Shenton way ok? Let’s give buildings ‘proper’ names like Hong Leong Building/ Capital Tower/ Capital Square. Oh wait…even taxi drivers get confused with that. We’re doomed. Hmm…here’s another solution: make ALL taxi drivers memorise the street directory from front to back and back to front. Just like in London!!

Next…its going to be the Mid-Autumn Festival this coming 15th Sept (people…stop calling it the Mooncake Festival!!) and so, we’re in the midst of sending them moonies over to clients. I told my colleague that I had ordered 22 boxes for his clients. What does he do? He gives me a spreadsheet for 24 of this clients. -__-; Where am I supposed to pull out these 2 extra boxes? The solution to that problem shall remain between myself and another colleague. My lips are sealed. ><

The super ticker for me was this evening when I went for Japanese language and I saw the JLPT announcement. I went “Oh…JLPT registration is out” and then my classmate replied, “It’s over. It closed on 5 Sep.” My jaw hit the table and I was in shock. I then became pissed off because Let-chan was supposed to tell me and I had NOT registered for the StanChart run just to attend the JLPT!! I texted her immediately and her reply was “oh…I thought you knew about it.” ARGHS!!!!! Now, I know that there wouldn’t be a blinking chance that I will pass JLPT2 if I took it this year but to have to wait another freaking year just to take the exam??!! DAMN IRRITATING!!! I started thinking: why didn’t sensei mention about it in class? My memory isn’t that bad..and if registration had started in Aug, shouldn’t sensei have mentioned it in class in Aug? A classmate said that the school had announced. To who? Where? What method? ARGHS. Most of them didn’t remember either…until one of them reminded the others.

To top things off for the day, I come home to find my keyboard arm rest missing. Can I ban my mum from using my comp? She never switches the mains off, my keyboard is slanted and she hogs my comp when I’m home. She grudgingly gives up the comp because 1. this comp was really bought with my hard earned money..so she can’t use the “I paid for this comp” excuse on me 2. she has used it for the better part of the day. She refuses to use my old comp, which I had told her its for her to use EXCLUSIVELY! She says that it’s not working well. That may be true once in a while but it works fine. She’s just being fussy and she wants to use the bigger, better comp with the larger monitor etc. ARGHS. So…where did my arm rest disappear to? She thought that I didn’t need it anymore and used it to prop something up. WTH??!! She THOUGHT? Couldn’t she have asked me first before taking it and using it to PROP SOMETHING UP? It’s MY armrest for goodness’ sakes!!! Not HERS. And I used the arm rest to prop this current keyboard up because its too low, despite me opening the puny stand. One day…when I’m feeling hardworking, I really should move my old keyboard to this comp. The angle is perfect. Anyway, if I didn’t need it, why would I put it under my keyboard? Isn’t it normal to ask the OWNER? ARGHS.

Oh…now that I’ve started on my mum, I’ve just got to continue with some retro-angst. Did you know that she gobbled up 2 champagne truffle mooncakes within 1 minute? Ok..let me tell this incident with some chronology:

I came home with 1 box of champagne truffle mooncakes and 1 box of baked mooncakes from Raffles Hotel. Mum @ my comp.
Me to mum: I bought mooncakes. 1 box of champagne truffle mooncakes and 1 box of baked mooncakes.
Mum (while removing the mooncakes from the bag): Eeee…why buy baked? I only want snowskin.
Me: Hello…I buy mooncakes for everyone lor. And the baked ones from Raffles Hotel are nice.
Me thinks: excuse me…I buy expensive mooncakes and instead of saying thanks or anything, you say “eeeee…why baked?” You think I buy mooncakes only for YOU ah? Sorry…a bit harsh, but its true!
Mum: I go give your dad one ok?
Me: Of course. Don’t gobble everything by tomorrow ok. Leave me at least ONE.
Mum walks into her room while gobbling 1 moonie and she just tosses the bag onto the bag that contained the other box of mooncakes. She gives dad one and she proceeds to gobble another one. She comes out of the room and I can hear her shuffling towards the kitchen.
By now, I’m super irritated because, I’m back at 9:30pm, tired and what does my mum do? She tosses a bag onto the other box of mooncakes, taking only what she wants. She was going to keep the snowskin moonies into the fridge…so why couldn’t she walk into my room and grab the other box of moonies on her way? The fact that she threw the bag on my table is a sore point because if I were to have done that to her, she would’ve given me a good scolding. Talk about double standards.

There are other things that have been irritating me periodically this whole week…but let me end this current bitching session and I’ll leave the rest to another time. *Heaves a sigh* ok…this blog session has been mildly cathartic.

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