God works in wondrous ways

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God works in wondrous ways.

Met Sing and Chowchow for dinner last night and it was Sing and I who met up first. We set down at an empty table and then this lady came up to Sing and said, “Nice slippers! Where did you buy them?” Sing answered and we thought that the conversation would end there but it went on to her grandchildren who were there, her daughter and then she asked me, “What do you do for a living?” My reply, “I just got retrenched.” Then she started saying that her daughter just accepted another position with another firm, which pays her more money. When her daughter returned from the toilet with one of her sons, her mum started telling her that I had just lost my job. The daughter immediately went, “I think my company should have a vacancy because I’m moving on and my position is open. Send me your CV and I’ll forward it to my boss.”

It’s really fate that we met and started talking. There is no coincidence. Get this: the daughter’s name is also Melissa AND we’re all Catholic. Seriously, if I were stuck in my previous job, I would’ve really been STUCK and labelled with secretarial roles. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I did tell Sing before that I didn’t go to university to be a secretary. Another reason for not really being too upset over my retrenchment is that my work doesn’t define me. Of course I was shocked initially and I do think management made a mistake but I’m fine. I’m good. I’m at peace.

Now…if only I can get my mum off my back about tuition, applying for other jobs and goodness knows what. Can I just have a short freaking break?

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