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The bad thing about being unemployed is that you get too much free time that’s not put to good use. I’ve only managed to clean up my room partially but I think the rate of things piling up is faster than the chucking into the bin. I told myself that this is a good chance to study my Japanese too…but guess what? Inertia to study. There’s this overwhelming bumming mentality. I knew that I was hikikomori material. I can stay at home and just be with my pooch and my comp.

Speaking of pooches, went to Sing’s place yesterday together with Baileys and finally met the new addition to the family – Cooper. That ball of fur is only 3 kg and he’s a nipper. Nip nip nip nip. Nip Baileys to the point that Baileys growls at Cooper but Cooper being a silly pup, is fearless and continues to nip Baileys. Stupid Baileys is 4 times larger than Cooper but behaves like a scaredy dog. Shameful. But pooches are still cute.

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