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Somebody commented that I don’t post enough pics on my blog. Weeeelll…I’m gonna disappoint you guys again.

I went to Kathy’s and Irene’s place today and I didn’t take any pics of their babies!! 😛 But they’re super duper cute. Baby Jazlyn’s almost 2 mths while Baby Elisa is 1.5mths old. Can you imagine them gurgling and kicking and rolling around? Jazz was in a good mood today and she kept smiling and laughing. So adorable. For those men out there, apologies but I’m going to start gushing and yes, my maternal instincts are out in full flare. I want to have my own babies too…. 🙁 but no bf…yet. Haha….I think it’d be so cute when I do have babies and then they’ll call my parents “Ah Ma” and “Ah Gong”…awwwww…..Anyways, Irene has this plan that she and Kathy will bring their daughters to Clara’s place so that they can take a pic of Baby Jonathan together with Jazz and Elisa. Sooo cute!!

Ok, besides the babies, I also met up with Ryan whom I haven’t seen for a loooooong time ever. He’s going to propose to his gf soon! Excited for him!! Guess what? His gf and I have the same name. Weird, isn’t it? Singapore is very small as well. We found out today and we both have a common aquaintence whom he got to know through his gf and me through my sec school friend.

My dad just farted and blamed it on my dog. How smart. -__-;

That’s also my cue that dinner has started. I feel so bloated from the food that Irene and I shared. Thank you Irene for the treat!! 😀

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