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I’ve been too lazy to upload some pics so you guys have to wait…haha.

Went to the Marina Barrage (I’ve nicknamed it as the green toilet bowl) today and I highly suggest NOT wearing jeans there on a hot sunny afternoon such as today. It was sweltering and I was wondering why half the people bothered to be there. There was also a bunch of amateur photographers with 2 amateur models doing a mini photoshoot in the gallery and seriously, I was just thinking how those 2 models didn’t deserve to be models. Oops…bitch Mel is out. Ok, I’m not model quality either but hear my rant first. I’m not talking about myself…I was referring to those 2 ladies. They might be the nicest people on earth but models they are not. Firstly, the lack of height. They’re less than 1.7m!! Secondly, they just don’t have that X-factor. So..snap snap snap away and those photos will still turn out rather bland (warned you that I was in bitch mode). One of them was so skinny, I think she would’ve fallen over if a strong wind blew. May I please donate some fats to her for her to place wherever she wants? Boobs/ butt…wherever!! Give that woman a steak!

When I saw that group of photogs/ models…I just couldn’t help but think that these girls were earning a quick buck (nothing wrong with that) and these photogs just couldn’t find better subjects. Ah well…we need bunches of people like that to make the economy go round. There’s hope yet for the recession.

Went driving through Orchard Road this evening with my domestic helper (yes, I’m being politically correct) just to show her the lights and decoration. This year’s lighting stretched farther than before but not as pretty as the year when some French designers did it. That was prolly in a bull market. Haha… =P Most shopping centres also cut back on their Christmas deco. Gone were the days when the whole store front facade was decorated with large figures and ribbons etc. Gone where the days when the shopping centres competed with one another for the best decoration. Hate to say this…but…RECESSION. May not quite seem like it..but its here. Hello Mr R. Hello Mr Bear. How ironic that next year will be the year of the Ox. Ah well…c’est la vie. As they say, things move in a cycle. Let’s wait for that upswing baby!!

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