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It’s already Dec and it has been a month since my grandmother has passed away. Christmas is just next week!! Oh gosh…woosh. Mum has still been bugging me about me being jobless (gimme a break).

Met up with J, D and Em last night for dinner plus ice-cream (aka spiritual & mental wellbeing food). It was a very nice night out with them. J was recently retrenched too. Learnt frm D & Em about more ex-colleagues who have been retrenched. Shocking. *sigh* Heard that there’s another wave happening in Jan. Who knows who’ll be axed next. Times are tough…greed is to be blamed.

On a happier note, I’m still jobless but at least I’m not tired and panda-eyed. 🙂 I love my currently lifestyle albeit the lack of moolah being the only mood dampener.

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