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Warning…this is going to be yet another long post as I haven’t blogged for the past week and have a few things to talk about.

Firstly…I saw the new Tiffany’s advertisements for their V’day selection. Very pretty….so I started oggling the full selection online….

So pretty…I want…..but no boyfriend and no $ of my own to buy. *sigh* This V’day is going to be yet another uneventful normal day. Oh wait…I’ve got a MJ party @ Sing’s place. Might be slightly interesting afterall. Sing & Chow – no oogie oggie eyes and showing off V’day presents please. I’ll roll my eyes so much that I think I’ve done enough eye exercise for the day. Hmm…I have a feeling that Sing will purposely do what I’ve written above just to irritate me. Must go into zen mode.

Ok…time for another warning. What I’m about to write is potentially racist sounding but mind you…it is not meant to be discriminatory in any way. It just so happens that those irritating people are of certain races. Its a description. Label. Can’t sue me for defamation since I don’t know those peoples’ names and therefore have to resort to their race as a form of description. Anyway, its my blog and I don’t need to be politically correct. =P

On with the story. Went to Attica’s Ladies’ Night with Mel Li last night. OMG…have never seen so many females on the dance floor before. It was really packed with A LOT of females. And I love it!! Free entry and 5 free drinks??? What’s NOT to love about ladies’ night? Of course, there’s the fact that it is on Weds (bummer). The spoilers of the night:

1. People who dance with their drinks in their hands. I don’t get them. One white chick was dancing with her coke + whatever alcohol and spilt some on my expensive Laundry top (for those who do not know the brand Laundry, please click here) (#-_-) Her bf was also holding a drink and I had to duck my head when he wanted to place it on the ledge next to me. I had that moment where I felt I was dancing the limbo rock.

2. Irritating people who are unaware of that there are other people who are dancing around them. They DO NOT have the whole dance floor to themselves. Again…white chicks guilty of this. I got pushed! Less painful than being elbowed…but hello?? I’m standing right beside you?? (#-_-)

3. Guys who can’t decide whether they want to dance or not…on the dance floor. I call them dance floor space wasters. ‘Nuff said (-__-;)

4. That one black dude who was finding random victims. Sadly, I was one of them. I’m not talking about finding that one cute guy/girl and then dancing with them. This guy was just dancing around and finding random girls to grind with. All kena rejected. You know why? Because ALL us females know that he was targeting any female whom he thinks he can get this hands on. Ughs. (#-__-;)

All in all, it was a good night!! My ears are still kinda ringing but it was fun and I love free booze!!

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