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I am almost there…almost on my way to being a full hikikomori – holed up at home and glued to my computer. Only differences are – I don’t lock myself in my room, I’m not afraid of interactions with humans and I do go out to walk my dog. That’s about it.

I’m glued to my screen checking out my forex trading screens…and cursing at myself for not holding the trade long enough or cursing at the market, which can’t decide whether it wanna go up or down. Yes, its volatile…but the good thing about this volatility is that if I hold a losing trade long enough, i’ll break even. Trading is addictive. =P

Well, you guys are hearing this first: I will be having a “Tea Party” on Sat, 14 Mar from 2.30-5.30pm. There will be food, wine and jewellery (OCT 1983 and Jewels by Annie) on sale! I am currently in the midst of getting a manicurist and another vendor. It will be a girly day but it promises to be fun! I have yet to send out invites but it will be held at 42 Tras Street (Tanjong Pagar), 3F. First 20pax will get a free door gift! Bring your girlfriends and enjoy!

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