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I’m such a lazy blogger…really, I am. I’m blogging a lot more often these days simply because I’m not working for a corporation and I’m feeling voyeuristic (is there such a word? Hahaha).

Anyway, went to watch Kumar’s stand-up comedy last night at the Esplanade with Chowchow and Sing. Kumar rocked the house!! He is – as usual – hilarious!! Loved his jibe at those who paid the least – “Hello $18!!” Too bad it was only 1.5 hrs long. Even met Wince after the show and yes, he was the $18 gang. Haha…well, when Chowchow, Sing and I went to purchase the tix, the $18 seats were all sold out so we had no choice but to buy the $33 stall seats. Good choice because I bet I’d get vertigo/ dizzy spells/ fear of heights from the $18 seats.

Anyway, the topic of my post today is really about what I wore yesterday. I wanted to showcase my Requiem necklace so I wore it against my navy blue top and tried taking shots of it…so that people can get an idea of how it will look like when worn. Well…looks like I’m no expert at taking self-shots. But…isn’t it nice? Doesn’t it look good? The black satin ribbon just looks regal and lush although some may say ‘washed out’ again but the highlight is really the chain of freshwater pearls and the tarnished heart (pardon my lousy photography).

Oh…another thing that I want to blog about is the reaction of others to my dressing!! Look below. I matched my navy blue top (some idiots have actually thought it black) with a pair of pink shorts. I wore black stockings and black booties (sorry…no shots of booties as the mirror weren’t full length and I’m a little camera shy…don’t like taking pics alone).

Now…do I look that bad/ sluttish in it??? People kept staring at me with weird looks. There was this guy who was standing near the toilets waiting for someone after the Kumar show and he literally glanced from my head to my feet. I saw his whole head move. He wasn’t the only one. I saw a few women give me that look as well. But more men than women. My thighs aren’t fat!! Pls gimme your comments in my tagboard. I really wanna know what you guys think.

Ok…I shall stop complaining. After the show, we went to Glutton’s Bay for dinner/supper. Saw these cute figurines of stickmen playing musical instruments outside, facing the ‘sea’ or ‘dam’, whichever the govt wants it to be called now.

At Glutton’s Bay, I ordered the oyster omelette and I think it really sucks for $5. Only consolation was that they were relatively generous with the oysters. Otherwise…TOO MUCH STARCH. And the starch wasn’t crispy but gooey. Yucks. For $5. What a rip off.

Chowchow and I like trawling the posters/postcards section at the entrance of Esplanade (next to Stock Pot – great soups and salads btw) and this poster caught my eye.

I just like it for pure artistic reasons. And seriously, the pic that I took of the flyer has made the flowers pop up, as if its 3D. Looks relatively flat in the actual flyer that I have.

Well, since their flyer has caught my eye, might as well tell you guys what this play is about…otherwise I will get questions such as “Huh? What’s that?” but then again, I’m sure most of you can’t be bothered either. Haha….

I think I’m in a gothic mood – hence the appeal of this flyer to me. Seriously, the poster AND the synopsis isn’t very appealing. Am I gonna go watch it if I had money? Ums…no. Who’s their marketing manager??? I think I can do a better job. Ooops…. =P

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