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My friend/ client made a customised earring order. She saw my Enraptured earrings in Jade and liked it to a certain extent. She also has sensitive ears and hence was interested in the fact that I had used 14k gold plated hooks.

That said, she didn’t purchase the Enraptured (Jade) earrings because she wanted something that was longer and dangly. Something like a chandelier earring. To add, she wanted a more modern twist with Jade.

The result is what you see on the left. I used normal steel hoops but I wrapped it around with brass wires (really hurt my hands) to complement the 14k gold plated hooks.

To anchor the whole earring, I placed a peach freshwater pearls below the hoops.

I experimented with brass wires for the main body but they refused to fall the way I wanted them to. As such, I switched to gold threads and this gave me the perfect ‘poof’/ volume that I was looking for.

I felt that green jade alone was a little tooo green, so I threw in a few moonstone chips to complete the look.

As I have used threads, there aren’t any loops to end the strings. Instead, I just used knots. I varnished the top knots and bottom knots to prevent fraying as well as potential loosening of the threads. Wouldn’t want any stones dropping off when she wears them.

I have no idea why one of the hoops look out of shape when it looks perfectly fine in real life.

If you would like to customise any jewellery order, please drop me an email at with your customisation idea and budget. Pictures would also be great….unless you’re like the above client who had only an idea but no concrete design in mind.

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