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I realise that when I’m frustrated, it happens when a lot of things occur at the same time. Take yesterday for example:

1. Joomla was not user friendly so I was having tons of problem trying to type everything out in html and tweaking stuff…not fun -__-

2. Forex decided to just go against whatever I was doing and when I tried to do a reversal, it went the other way again -__-;

3. Bro kept asking me to figure out our trip to Paris/ Nice/ Loire Valley…its only March. I’m going there only in June -__-;;

4. People kept telling me that I didn’t need to use Joomla since my websites are simple. Hello…simple??? Fine. #-__-

5. This arse who was only interested to get to know me and to chat to me because I used to work at Goldman Sachs. He kept asking me whether I’ve got any contacts there cos he wants to work there. My last line to him was this: Frozen headcount and they’re retrenching people. If there were any positions, I would’ve gotten it by now.

Idiot. I promptly blocked and deleted him from my msn. Sheesh.

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