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Remember the customised pair of earrings that I made? Tada…here’s the pic of the purchaser!! Nice! The bottom is a little blurry because it dangles and sways on the ear and there’s no way to stop it from doing so.

Anyway, did a hunt on Tues for a few special pendants thanks to another request but unfortunately, could not find those and had to give up another customisation order. =(

Although I went out specifically JUST to find those pendants…look at what I ended up with!!

I can’t wait to work on the really cute pair of horribly expensive ballet shoes charms as well as the chequered bows. Definitely a collection of more cutesy flavour.

That being said, my order of semi-precious stones arrived yesterday! I love the colours of the zirconia briolettes that I’ve ordered (pink, white and purple). I would probably make them into necklaces etc. Love the colours of the rainbow quartz and light blue quartz too *grinz*.

Went out today as well and as usual, on the look out for charms/ pendants or new ideas and voila…ended up buying 3 new charms. Even my bro said that the robot charm is cute. =) Aiy…I’m really spending a lot more than what I’m ‘earning’. 😛

Ok…this blog is going to be a bit long…Met up with Chowchow, Sing, Chow’s sis and Mel Li last night for the movie special for “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. I must say that the $15 was well spent! We had a goodie bag that contained samples of Laneige products, Miss Selfridge lip balm, Miss Selfridge discount vouchers (only discount…no $ value), Miss Selfridge nail buffer and a Touche voucher. To add, we had a popcorn combo! 🙂 Yay…I don’t need to buy any facial products for 2009.

The slight dampeners for the evening was the fact that we weren’t allowed into the cinema before 9pm. The time of the screening was slated at 9pm but all of us weren’t allowed in even at 9pm! By the time we were allowed in at around 9.10pm, all of us were squeezing in and it just wasn’t pleasant because we females just wouldn’t really give way to each other. Didn’t help that the escalator leading up to the theatre was good for only 1 person and this created another bottleneck situation.

The emcee must’ve been very nervous because she was chattering inanely for the whole time she was there. Not very witty. To add, she mispronounced Touche as touch and toosh. I think we must’ve been quite bitchy cos all of us burst into a laughter.

As Miss Selfridge was one of the sponsors, we had to endure a short catwalk of their latest season’s outfit. The ‘model’s were GV club members who won some ‘best dressed’ contest or something like that. I didn’t really bother with the contest online. Anyways, one of the girls was questioned, “How do you like your outfit? What do you think of Miss Selfridge’s latest collection?” Her reply was, “Oh, I think my dress is fabulous and the collection is fabulous.” Someone please give her a thesauraus. Wait. The word ‘fabulous’ was used so often by the emcee and the Miss Selfridge representative, I think all of them need a thesauraus too. -__-;

Sing was rather pissed off that this event wasn’t that well organised because we weren’t allowed in early, the catwalk etc didn’t start on time AND they were showing us 25 mins worth of ads! That’s more than the usual 15 mins when we buy regular tix. To add to the situation, they didn’t turn off the side lights in the theatre and it was glaring into our eyes.

Well, the movie did begin soon thereafter. The movie was hilarious, the actor was cute and the actress was quite adorable in the semi-airhead way. Although there were instances where you thought Rowntree blew up on her (bursts of bright colours for those who didn’t get this remark). After watching the movie, I find myself staring at my credit card bill as well. Although I didn’t accumulate over $16 000 worth of credit card debt, I must say that I’m a little worried at the state of my finances. I must really stop buying new charms etc 🙁

However, the movie and the magazines have also cemented the fact that statement pieces for accessories are in. Be it necklaces or earrings…statement pieces!! Tough call on my end because my taste is generally leaning towards classics. Furthermore, statement pieces are a love-hate kind of thing. Nonetheless, I do love creating statement pieces like my Caterpillar choker and ‘Only you’ pendant. Very avant garde too 😉

Ah well…despite the unhealthy state of my bank account, I must say that being self-employed/jobless has allowed me to enjoy the free things that Singapore has:

1. Free library books!
2. Free coffee samples @ Starbucks
3. Free samples from cosmetic counters
4. Simple window shopping
5. Walks along scenic places (parks etc)
6. Walks with my dog and amusement at how ‘interesting’ everything is to him
7. A bird ‘singing’ while perched on my window
8. Free outdoor performances during the Mosiac fest @ Esplanade
9. Free food tastings from new food stalls or at the supermarkets
10.Free entry to clubs every Wed on Ladies’ night – free drinks too!!
11. Free parking in certain areas after 5pm
12. Browsing of mags and books in major bookstores
13. Free talks/workshops on careers etc by the various recruitment agencies as well as SGX

Haha…I may sound rather cheapo from the above examples but its true. There are many things that we can enjoy and they’re FOC!!

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