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Hi everyone,

OCT 1983 is going to do its part for the earth and will be going green! Do look out for tags “Go Green” where we reuse parts of old jewellery to make something new. Not only will we help the environment, this will also lower our prices!

Do you have old jewellery that you don’t wear any more? Do you want to update them or just donate them for our green cause? Send me an email with the picture of your old jewellery and state in your email whether you want to update it (there will be charges for workmanship and any other material cost incurred) or just to donate it!

When I’ve earned enough money to learn silver-smithing, I intend to make green jewellery from reused silver and gold too. So…please support this green movement!

Remember, its about maintaining the limited resources that we have on earth. Who said that you can’t save the earth while looking good? 😉

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