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I screwed up my interview with MFA today. Totally. I felt like a total dumbshit for a good half hour after coming out of the building. Thank goodness I bounce back pretty fast.

What was my mistake? Telling them that my reasons for leaving a former employer was due to health reasons (which is mostly true). Should’ve gone with “needed a change in environment” or “was retrenched too” or all that nonsense. I’m too honest. Now those interviewers think that I can’t cope with stress, heavy workload and long hours – which is, of course, BS. Working on the trading floor for 2.5 years has shown/proven that I can handle stress and long hours. But you know how mental willpower is often stronger than what your body can handle. Not to mention the support at that place was BS. I was already doing the work of 3 humans. Think I can handle a fourth? As my JC’s motto goes….UP AND ON!!! Maybe it should read “Up Yours and Move On”…hahaha…ok ok, thou shalt not bitch publicly. Very unprofessional and reflects badly on me. =P

Nevertheless, bad experiences do teach me loads of new things. Now..I’ve learnt new methods of ‘smoking’ and tons of euphemisms. I realise that my power of reading body language is also very good. Hence, I can tell you straight away that I have SCREWED up this interview totally. Quite wasted since its the 3rd and last round. I’ve made it thus far. I’ve run the good race.

While on the bus, I’ve thought about what I enjoy doing etc. and the truth is, I really love what I’m doing now. What sucks is the lack of income. Technically, I’ve already made 2 earring sales but Siew Mai has yet to pay up and another friend isn’t going to pay until the tea party itself cos she’s an online shopping idiot. Haha…ah well…*crosses fingers* i’m really banking a lot on the tea party next Sat. Hope it’s a HUGE success!!! Wish me luck guys! Better yet, COME FOR THE TEA PARTY!!!!

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