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Warning: long blog post. Ok…now that you’ve been forewarned, please proceed at your own “risk”. Hee… πŸ˜‰

Well, first up, let me highlight this contest/ cause which is so cute. Ladies, would you like to win a Gucci bag? Then join “Shopaholic’s” cause!! Just click here.
I like how they put it as “spend to help the economy”. Its true. We do need to keep the economy afloat and NOT spending will hurt.

That being said, I have spent too much. My savings have depleted and I received my credit card bills last night. *Gawks at bills* Oh my…I had to ask Wince for an advance for my part time work, otherwise, I don’t think I can pay off my bills and then I’ll be accumulating 23% interest. I have already incurred $10 thanks to that. Yup…last month was the first time in history where I didn’t pay up my credit card bill in full. “But Mel…what happened to your savings? Don’t tell me you’re such a spendthrift!!” you say. Well, I’ve got investments and they haven’t matured yet. I can’t sell them off. Yet. Looks like I ought to call my broker and find out…hmms…

Ok…now back to the ‘main’ thing that I wanted to blog about. Met Mel Li at Haji Lane yesterday because I wanted to go to Arab St. to get my jewellery stuff (yes, ended up buying $23 worth of stuff and I had already held back from going mental from the choices of Swarovski crystals). I love Haji Lane. Its this little narrow lane that’s chock-ful of wonderful finds – vintage/ local designers/ handcrafted goods and a good place where bohos like to hang out. Some friends of mine like going there to smoke the sisha (forgive me if I spelt this wrongly). I went into all the shops touching stuff that I can no longer afford to purchase and yes, I heavily bemoan that fact.

Both Mel Li and I bought a scoop of ice cream from Pluck@Haji Lane and although its quite ok for $3 a scoop, the consistency of it was quite icy and that disappointed me the most. Both of us literally ate chunks of ice. It’s Ice-cream…not ice with cream. Ah well…at least our sweet tooth was satiated.

We ended up eating dinner at Nabins’s – a Nepalese restaurant that faces Bali Lane (perpendicular to Haji Lane). I must say that the food was surprisingly good and sorry…we were so busy talking and eating that we forgot to take pictures. =P Both of us ordered the Nepalese set meal (grilled chicken, not lamb) and it was a bit like eating North Indian food minus the yoghurty feel of the sauces. Still a lot of lentils, ghee, spices and chickpeas/potatoes but it was yummy! A tad salty but then, I don’t eat a lot of salt…so you might find it just nice. There’s an upper floor too, which we didn’t go but apparently, it has low tables and no shoes allowed.

After dinner, we went on over to Clarke Quay to Fashion Bar. Ladies…you’d be glad to know that Fashion Bar is having a $5 martini promo for ladies for the whole of March. Yes! Its only $5 with GST and svc charge included. Bottom’s up! No…I’m not getting paid to write about this but I’d like to share good deals with everyone.

This is my 2nd time to Fashion Bar and I don’t know how I feel about it. I love the couches, the drinks, the decor and sometimes the music. I think the prices are quite normal for a bar/club…especially one that’s owned by LifeBrandz (side note: stock price only $0.10. Cheap cheap!! I’ve never seen this go up or down. Lost money and wanna park your cash somewhere? Why not consider this? Didn’t even fluctuate despite the MOS fiasco. 1 lot only $100…cheaper than my aldo shoes).

Brace yourselves…this is where the “but” comes in. BUT what I don’t quite like about it is the half baked theme of “Fashion” where the only visible signs where Fashion TV on a few of the LCD TVs. Another thing is their unisex toilet. It feels too trapped and seriously, there will be loads of awkward moments when a guy comes in/out and a lady goes in/out. The only bar that has successfully pulled this unisex toilet off is Fairmont’s (formerly known as Raffles the Plaza) Ink Bar. You don’t pull a door into the unisex toilet and it has an open concept. The only door that you open is the individual cubicles. Then you come out to a common sink area. The one at Fashion Bar feels confined and trapped but there’s this huge area where they left an empty bathtub (???!!).

Anyway, I ordered a hazelnut martini and it was quite good! Mel Li ordered a chocolate martini and I half sniggered. “What what?” Mel Li asked. “Well, I’m wondering whether you’re gonna regret your choice,”I replied.

Her chocolate martini came and seriously, it isn’t half bad but Morton’s wins hands down. Make that both hands down!! Morton’s has truly spoilt us when it comes to chocolate martinis. The chocolate flavour is robust but the kick from the alcohol is just as strong. Yum. That’s chocolate martini perfection. Tasted a better chocolate martini other than Morton’s? Tell me!!

We arrived at Fashion Bar at 9pm and we horrible two actually chatted till 12.30am. Gosh…this is deja vu. The last time we got together was the same. We can really talk a lot. Mel Li suggested that next time, we should prolly sit at the bar and chat with the bartender as well. Goodness…I think we’ll leave only at 3am then.

Went home and I went into half-obsessed mode with adding pages to my jewellery website. Gor still saw me online at SST 5am and messaged me: “You’re surely not online still?” I actually replied him. Yes…I was online till 5.30am this morning. Told you I was half-obsessed with launching my website. I am proud to say that it is 90% done!! Feel free to view it by clicking on the words “jewellery website” above. A male friend went, “Wow…so purply.” Ah well…I like the colour scheme. Beats the blog one. πŸ˜‰ Do support me for Oct 1983. As I told Mel Li, I need to sell like 100 pieces to make up for my cost. =P


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