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This short composition just popped into my head on Sunday morning. Don’t ask me how and why…but it seems like an interesting bit to add to my very eclectic blog.

One day, I met a man. He told me that he is from the future.
“So how is the future like?” I asked.
“What takes priority? The past, present or the future?” he asked in return.
“The present, of course!” I replied immediately.
“Ah…you’re both right and wrong,” he responded with a twinkle in his eye.

I thought about it for a bit and then, as if reading my mind, he said, “Yes, the present is more important than the past but its the past but it is the past that teaches the present lessons, so that we do not repeat mistakes made in the past. The present is important because we’re paving the way for a better future. That being said, we need to envision what kind of future we want and that determines how we live presently.”

“Hey…who are you and how am I sure that you are really from the future?” I questioned him after his little philosophical speech.

He smiled once more and replied, “Dreams are often made in the future. Does it matter which era from which I came from? What you’re looking for is a soothsayer, fortune teller to foretell what the future looks like. However, the future is fluid.”

With that, I was left alone once more.

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