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For those who travel often and stay in a city for a relatively long period of time, here’s an article that will really help you save $ when your relatives/friends call you or when you call them. Basically, its about purchasing a cheap SIM card from the country of your destination and then using either Skype or Fring. The article explains it all and most of it is relevant to us Singaporeans even if the author is referring to her native USA.

I do have Skype but I must admit that I hardly use it because I use Phoenix IDD and its really quite affordable. Perhaps a wee bit more expensive than Skype but I can use my home/mobile phone rather than ensuring that my mic’s hooked up to the comp etc.

I have spoken to Ryosuke when he used Skype to call and talk to me. Must say that I’m impressed with the quality. Definitely great for a country like Japan where they don’t use SIM cards and you’re either forced to purchase a prepaid phone (costs JPY3000) there or you have to use your 3G phone.

I’ve used the Vodafone prepaid phone in Japan before and I think that its rather silly that its a phone specifically meant for tourists but the info on HOW to get it and HOW to apply for one and WHERE the shops are etc aren’t very English friendly. Do note that you need to bring your passport or identification card to apply for one. However, Vodafone has since left Japan and now you can purchase prepaid phones in Japan from some of their phone carriers like Au or Softbank. I’m sure NTT Docomo or other companies should have a prepaid phone service now but I’ve found that the info on AU and Softbank’s websites are easier to locate.

I’m blurbing again. Anyways, just a heads up, I’ll be in London from 20 May to some time in Aug and will be having a weekend in Paris some time in June too. As such, I will be organising sprees in London and Paris. So…if you want something from Links of London, Anya Hindmarch (must say her latest season is really nice), Longchamp (their “This is an IT bag is really hot and I love how cheeky it is), Agnes B. etc, do trawl the websites that I’ve given you (move your cursor over each brand) and drop me an email. I have yet to confirm the exchange rate for GBP/SGD and EUR/SGD yet as there will be more fluctuation till May/June. But the GBP is going down…so this is an excellent time to load up on Brit brands not found here in Singapore! Will send out an announcement on this blog as well as on my Oct1983 website once the details are finalised.

You’ve read it here FIRST though!

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