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It seems as if I’m blogging A LOT today…well…that’s because a lot has happened over a week and I’m just blurbing right now. Alrighty…below is a pic of me wearing the Elizabeth necklace. I only made 2 pieces – 1 for me and 1 that has been bought by Carol (thank you!). You can click on the words “Elizabeth necklace” above to view it on my OCT 1983 website.

Someone mentioned that the rosette is washed out against my pink dress but I disagree. I think it compliments the whole thing. Sorry but I’m uber colour coordinated. I’m known to wear a pink T-shirt with my pink Miu Miu and then gold slippers as those accent the gold parts of my Miu Miu. I really love this necklace….*gushes* Funny thing about inspiration is that I bought the metal part years ago intending to make a pair of earrings but I just couldn’t get the ‘feel’ of the earrings. I bought the rosette recently and then one day…I just placed the rosette against the metal piece and VOILA~.

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