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I sit here sipping on a bottle of very nice Chilean Sauvignon Blanc courtesy of Jiak. Yumm….today’s tea party was a bit dismal and I’m disappointed at the people who said that they were turning up but didn’t and wasn’t even courteous enough to message me. However, to those who DID turn up….THANK YOU!! Thank you for sticking to your word and thank you for turning up even if you did not purchase anything. Your moral support means more to me!!

Nonetheless, I’m thankful that I still have made sales. 🙂 Not even near breakeven point but some sales is better than no sales 😉

Thanks Sing (& Chowchow) for the bottles of wines. We’ll have our drinking session soon.
Thanks Annie for coming down and setting up etc despite the dismal sales.
Thanks to mum for taking charge of food. Thanks to Wati for helping me prepare the stuff!! Thanks Wince and Shufang for letting me use your office! 🙂

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