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Hey hey hey…remember the spree that I told you guys that I’m going to organise? No…I’m not cancelling it. It’s just that after talking to Mel Li, I realised that there is a very tight spree community (funny huh) and that moderators for these spree forums etc actually don’t allow profiteering from spree organisers? The max that spree organisers are allowed to charge for shipping/ handling is $0.50 per participant! What’s more, mods also fix the exchange rates that these organisers have to use. Errr….with ‘profits’ like that…one wonders why some people still bother organising sprees.

Another spastic thing – sprees can only be conducted for products that have websites. Ums…what about those super chi chi brands that Singaporeans have never heard of simply because its chi chi overseas? Like I’m sure nobody in Singapore had heard of Anya Hindmarch before the GBP 5 “This is not a Plastic Bag” came out. Bet nobody knows about Links of London too.

Ah well. Nonetheless, I think it ridiculous for spree organisers to not profit from it. Don’t you think so? Moreover, I’m not sure how protected both spree organisers and spree-ers are. As such, Mel Li and I are gonna be ‘rebels’ and start our own spree forum/community! Will let you guys know once its up and running! Do support!!!

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