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As the advertisements go: Don’t tell your cardiologist! I managed to get Mel Li to join me for a Carl’s Jr lunch yesterday as I had a sudden craving after watching an episode of “True Blood”.

We shared a meal – just to lessen the guilt PLUS we get to eat the wonderful chilli fries!! We both love avocado and so, it was a no brainer to get the Guacamole burger. Half each. We were really making full use of the refill-able drinks and we drank 2 huge cups of Diet coke (yes yes, the things we do to lessen our calorie guilt).

Anyway, on the front of Oct 1983’s latest collections….yes, I am in the midst of creating 2 collection and although I’m a little late, its still going to be part of my Spring/Summer collection =P

On the right is a necklace that I made to match the pair of customised earrings, which I made earlier. No, this wasn’t a customisation order but I just felt like making a matching necklace. A slight variation is that I used antiquated leaves as well as white beads. This is a semi-choker so I felt that one could be a wee bit more drama.

Yes, I spent 1 whole entire night painstakingly winding the brass wire around the choker wire but I think the whole effect’s quite good. I varnished the whole wire because I don’t want it to tarnish AND I suspect that there are loads of people out there who are like me – sensitive skin and skin will itch like mad once the tarnish resistant coating comes off thanks to perfumes/perspiration.

Back to the main topic – my collections! I’ve got 2 main collections that are coming up – Titania and Cutie Pie.

How did I come up with these 2 collections? Well…for this particular two, it is the direction of the items that I bought and the designs that I think up.

I had bought a lot of cute enamel charms last week so naturally, I created a few really cute pieces, which will ALL belong to the Cutie Pie collection.

The necklace above and the earring on the left are more mature but yet have a certain whimiscal feeling. The colours are also popping BUT they’re still more towards organic colours. Which reminds me of fairies and it struck me that these pieces are accessories that I can imagine Titania – the fairy queen in Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” would wear.

Btw, the earrings on the left are made with rainbow quartz. There are 2 distinct shades of blue as well as a green that looks weirdly like jade. Was tempted to put it on the 14k gold plated hooks BUT I don’t want to create earrings that I have to sell at $50 and above. Moreover, I don’t have 14k gold plated wires. Am tempted to buy….but they’re expensive!! 🙁 Someone please order a gold customised piece to give me an excuse to buy!! HHEHHEE…..

Oh…I actually showed my mum those quartz earrings and she actually asked me, “Plastic ah?” Hello….no…they’re not blue and green stones either. They’re real quartz!! Higher quality than the jade that I used for my enraptured earrings/ customised earrings/ necklace above.

Look to the right!! Tada…my horribly expensive but adorable enamel ballet shoe charm makes its appearance!!

I have to price this bracelet around $15-$20 thanks to the charm and I had to use another daisy enamel charm to complete the look. In order to keep costs reasonable, I used white beads and plastic pearls as well.

The charm’s sooo cute…*oogggles*

Ok…this is just a preview. I’ve made a couple other pieces but I’m not gonna post the pics up here. You’ve got to keep a look out for the launch of the collections on my website!

Speaking of my website…I’m going to revamp the current Oct 1983 website. I hate the html coding and its wonky. Not multi-browser compatible either. I finally found another template that I like AND *drumroll* I managed to configure the php coding for it yesterday (or more like this morning since I started at 2am and finished at 5am)!! I’m turning into a geek…. @_@

Okies…lemme tweak the website now as there are still some kinks. I have yet to add in the content either. I wished I could clone myself. No no…I want to do the Naruto Kagebunshin replication. =P

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