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I loathe vista.

Mind you, I don’t hate Windows. I just hate Vista.

It’s a resource sucker that leaves my computer crawling despite the fact that I have a 2G RAM and I have only used up 25% of my total disk space.

It is sooo freaking slow that it caused everything to hang and I couldn’t save my website pages?!! I had to redo a full page thanks to it.

I’m sooo pissed off with other things related to Vista that I shall stop now. Its almost 4am and I need to sleep. I’m almost turning into a full fledged insomniac.

Can’t send my freaking newsletter today cos of the new quirks of Word in Vista. Bah.

The insects flying around do NOT add to my mood. I believe I have squished at least 15 of them tonight. Even managed to accidentally drown one with my mug’s condensation. Brill. Die you flying insects. DIE!

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