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If my revamped jewellery website were a human, I’d strangle it.

When I finished coding it in php, it looked perfectly fine on firefox. Then when I looked at it using IE, it went wonky. So, I fixed up and guess what? It looked wonky on firefox!! Arghs…I spent most of last night trying to fix the codes while Wince was teaching fx and Shufang was burning her discs and trying to help me with the html codes. It was still NOT resolved. Worse – it now looked bad on IE as well!!

Lesson ended really late yesterday and all of us went for supper afterwards. It was around 2am when I reached home and since I was really bugged by my stupid buggy website, I just HAD to fix it. I finally managed to tweak it so that it looks fine on IE but its still wonky on firefox. The menu and right bar are all to the right of the pg whereas my content is to the left. Arghs. Not aligned properly!! *tears hair out*

I’ve already used to validate and check my codes. All the so-called errors are my ad and widget codes. Can’t be right??? I’m no techie geek…I’ve got NO idea where my codes might’ve gone wrong. Can some angel please look through my codes for me and tell me what’s wrong with it?? Sigh…need to resolve this before I add in the flash code for my catalogue etc.

Another irritating website is my forum. For you guys, Travel Spree is working fine. I’m the board admin but I can’t log into my admin control panel (ACP)!! All I get is a blank screen. Phpbb’s support tells me that its my server issue. I sent a support ticket to my server and they said that its fine and they can’t see my error pg since they’re not admins and don’t have the rights to enter my ACP. -__- Bah.

I tried using Mel Li’s username and password to log in last night and then another error message about her password being wrong. When Mel reset her password, the SAME error message turned up. WTH! Seriously tu lan by then. -__-#

If my websites were humans, I’d strangle them. Shake them about first…THEN strangle them. Arghs.

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