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Hey guys,

Just a quick post from me today. I do have new pics etc but I am busy and will be busy for this whole week. Well, I AM working despite me being overseas and having a semi-holiday. I am busy translating the latest volume of the manga “Ouran High Host Club” and my deadline’s 1 June – Singapore time!! =P

Sorry, can’t scan and post any of it because I am bound by copyright etc. I am trying to rush this translation BEFORE the deadline because I seriously have a backlog of stuff to do. I haven’t been trading (Gor’s flatmate was announcing how the GBP/USD rose…and I missed out on that…grrr….), haven’t updated Oct 1983, haven’t made new stuff 🙁 and haven’t taken pics of some really nice apparel that’s only available here!

Oh..btw, my friend said that she bought her Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM from London for approximately SGD 800. I’ve checked the LV website and the GM version (largest) is retailling for GBP 430 and the MM version (medium) is retailling for GBP 405. Apologies for not having the SGD prices but I do remember that the medium one is selling for over SGD 1k. Do drop me an email at melissa.fann@oopsiwannasay.com if you want to order any of these bags! I will defo update if I find the prices in SGD!

Ok…till my next post!!

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