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Collagen in coffee? Apparently, that is possible.

Nescafe follows the current collagen fad and adds collagen into its 3-in-1 coffee mix. Managed to get a sample (love this try-vertising concept) and verdict is: not very exciting. can coffee be THAT exciting right? Well…it tastes normal. Do I believe that consumption of collagen is beneficial to the skin? Not really. Its a protein (do correct me if I’m wrong) and over consumption of it will mean that you’ll convert it into fat. If your skin gets better from downing collagen pills/ drinks…it might mean that you’re not consuming enough proteins. No harm in eating it for sure. Unless you’re allergic to seafood. The collagen used in these drinks are normally from fish. What sort? No idea. As such, you better avoid it if you’re allergic to particular types of fish.

Another source of collagen that I love is from Tonkotsu ramen! I’m sooo happy that Ippudou is going to open in Singapore in October! YAY. The second time I went to Fukuoka, I made my friends bring me to Ippudou and we reached the restaurant at 11am and there was already a queue. Amazing but yes, it was GOOD.

I think I eat lots of collagen whenever my mum cooks pork trotters babi ponteh style (you Babas and Nonyas will know). Mmm…yumm….

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