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Hi everyone!

I am currently in London but because the TV monitor input cable isn’t the same 15-pin head as you would use on your desktop monitor, I am unable to hook up my CPU to the telly. What a disappointment. Sigh.

Its still Spring here in the UK and the weather’s rather chilly at approximately 13-14 deg C. The area where my bro lives is rather windy…so I’ve been regretting not bringing my nice brown winter jacket/windbreaker ever since I touched down on Fri evening (UK time).

Once I manage to get the correct monitor cables etc, I’ll transfer pics that I took of the A380, the meals they serve and how I broke my poor index finger nail. 🙁 Had to remove all nail polish and cut my nails cos of that. :((

Went out the whole day today and ate a full english brunch (toast, sausages, baked beans, egg, fried mushrooms and roasted tomato) and went to Spitalfield Market. It reminds me of a super extended version of Clarke Quay and Bugis Street Market combined. Nothing’s really cheap to us Singaporean standard but the amount of handmade items were incredible. Loads of food there too…wanted to eat Takoyaki (made by Japanese no less) but it costs GBP 3.80 per pack. -__-; Not THAT hungry for flour with cheese/tako.

Bought groceries on the way home and my feet are aching. Will nap before whipping up Okonomiyaki for dinner! Yeah…we’re going Japanese tonight. Before you start questioning my culinary skills, note that I cooked spicy brinjal with minced pork and fried egg tofu last night ok! 😛 Alrighty. Nap time…zzzz….talk to you guys later.

Oh! Tip for you if you’re coming to really dry countries. Apply lip balm before applying any foundation etc because it keeps your lips supple before you put on your lipstick or lip gloss. Helps make your lipstick/ lip gloss last longer too!

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