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Tried to take a nice pic of the plane from outside the waiting area but the angle’s not very optimal…so…you get to see the gate and part of the plane. I didn’t enter from gate A5 though. This gate was just blocking the view.

Took this other pic from inside the waiting bay and I thought I was the only one who’d be taking pics of the plane but safe to say, there were MANY people snapping shots of this big boy. the plane is huge and I had chosen a seat on the upper deck. When I walked through the business class, all I could think was: the seats are disgustingly HUGE. Ah well, economy’s not bad too 🙂 After this, I don’t know how I can fly with BA or Qantas again…if I ever fly to London again.

Lunch – steak with roasted potatoes and vegetables, smoked salmon appetizer and a Crunch ice cream bar. I was expecting the steak to be dry and semi-inedible but this was surprisingly tender! Not medium rare but tender nonetheless! Thumbs up!

Oops…I tend to forget to take pics so what you see is what’s left of my dinner – roast chicken breast. Disappointed with it. Like all breast meat…it was dry..*sigh* No ice-cream for dessert this time. Dessert was just a pack of Ferrero Roche. Hmms….ok…

Since it was a 13.5hr flight, you do tend to get thirsty and bored…so I went to the galley and asked for Coke. The air stewardess was ‘picking’ coke for me and I spotted this Dubai coke in the ‘fridge’.

Tempted to grab one more can (unopened) and add it to my coke collection. Selfridges & Co. is celebrating their 100th yr anniversary and they’ve got special edition yellow Selfridges & Co. coke bottles. So cool…but each bottle costs GBP 1.35. So gimmicky huh. Out to get suckers like me =P

The flight was rather bumpy thanks to air turbulence. Can’t really blame the pilots. So…wanted to take more pics but I was trying to catch some sleep when I wasn’t jerked awake or woken up by the 2 snoring dudes who were sitting behind me.

Tried to take a self-cam and see how shaky it came out? Bah. Tried to take a few but they were worse. Ah well.

Another irritating thing that happened during the flight was that I broke my nail! Hurts too because it wasn’t a clean break and some of my flesh was exposed. I broke it while locking the toilet door. You know how you need to push the lock all the way before the toilet lights light up? Yeah…there was this last bit of the lock that was a wee bit jammed and so, I used a wee bit more force to lock it and voila….broken nail. Ugh.

Wait…more ‘injury’ to come. My dear handcarry was obviously stored in the overhead compartment and some bloke was nice enough to take it down for me (thankful for that) but when he put the handcarry on my chair, my hand got caught somewhere and I have this thin red line forming on the fleshy part of my thumb. The pic was taken a day after…so it is less red…but yes, it hurt. It felt like someone using a very thin, tight clip to clip a part of your skin for hours.

Was relieved that the flight had ended as I don’t think I can stand any more turbulence nor yawning to relieve the air pressure in my ears. I used a fast track ticket to get through immigration in a jiffy (only 3 people in front of me in the queue) but this was rendered useless since I had to wait for more than half an hour for my luggage. Yes…Heathrow’s THAT efficient. Second time I had to wait so bloody long for my luggage. What made things worse was that the dumb doo-doos in baggage actually tossed my luggage on top of another luggage. Gosh…that was soo tough to move if it weren’t for another nice bloke who helped me move my luggage down. Sheesh.

I always prefer travelling with someone else because at least you can chit chat while waiting and if you’re travelling with a male, he can move the bags etc for you! You then don’t need to feel like some helpless female who has to rely on helpful folks. However, experience has taught me that if you’re travelling to a European country, chances of people helping you is higher than in Asian countries. Asian men – what’s wrong with you? See a lady struggling with a luggage? Help!! Hmm…maybe I should write that in Japanese too…since most of my bad experience with men NOT helping tend to be from Japan. Oops.

My camera batt just ran out…so I shall blog another time about the Okonomiyaki that I made etc! 🙂 Cheerios

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