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This is a view of my brother’s room. I’ve taken over his bed!! Wahahhaaha…ok, we’ve made a compromise. I’ll sleep on the floor on the spare mattress on the wkends but the bed is mine on weeknights so that he doesn’t disturb me while he’s preparing to go for work. I love his down comforter…so soft…so comfy…so warm…will be a stuffy thing in summer I think. Ah well, we’ll only know come June/July.

The O2 dome (formerly known as the Millenium Dome) taken from Canary Wharf. I think the pokey things sticking out look rather ghastly, don’t you think? This was taken on Saturday when we walked towards the main Canary Wharf area, where the new financial district of London is. Walked past Bank Street, which used to be the Lehman Building. Credit Suisse, Citi, Morgan Stanley and Thompson Reuters are here.

It was really windy and you could see the water move due to the wind. My hair got messed up, face was frozen and underground shopping centres never felt that great until today.

My brother then explained to me that Canary Wharf is privately owned (ie. not owned by the government) and that is why there are security guards (not police) and security checks before vehicles (including public buses) are allowed into the area.

Anyways, that Sat was spent buying my UK mobile SIM card (the queue was terrible), doing a wee bit of window shopping at Selfridges & Co. (its not Miss Selfridge. It’s a bit like Takashimaya) and Primark. We also went to Chinatown to get some tofu and on the way there, I spotted a Japanese grocer, so we also ended up getting Okonomiyaki flour, soba, benito flakes, Aoi seaweed and my mentaiko spaghetti sauce. As usual, the Japanese cashiers spoke to us in Japanese since we have black hair and yellow skin.

Now, you must be wondering what this picture above is for. Well, this is the view from my bro’s balcony and guess what? This picture was taken past 8pm. Yep…sun still shining brightly and hasn’t set.

Tada….my okonomiyaki!! Ums…remember my forgetfulness in taking pictures? Yeah…ate a few bites before I rememberd. =P I even cooked salmon, asparagus and soba yesterday but its all stuck in our tummies. Oops.

Anyways, on Sunday, we went to Spitalfields market as I had blogged about earlier and this building caught my eye. London Fruit & Wool exchange. They actually had buildings like this where people bought & sold fruit and wool. Hmms…interesting. I don’t think this building is used for buying/selling fruit and wool anymore. All of that should be bought/sold under commodities (yes, commodities isn’t only about oil and cattle).

This is my 3rd time to London and I’m still finding pockets of interesting bits. A bit like how I can live in Singapore for 25 years and still find interesting watering holes. I’ll be going over to the London Business School later this afternoon to take part in a survey. The nearest tube station is Baker Street and I am so tempted to go earlier JUST to walk to the fake Sherlock Holmes house as well as visit Madame Tussaud’s Museum. But going there alone isn’t fun. =(

Will be going over to an electrical shop after the survey to get my monitor cable!! I hope I really manage to find my DVI to HDMI cable. Stupid customer service technician in Singapore should’ve told me that I needed that kind of cable. Instead, he told me that all I needed was the usual 15-pin head monitor cable, which of course I have. That dumb doo doo. -_- Ah well.

The electrical shop will be near Marks & Spencer’s HUGE store at Marble Arch and…*drumroll* they’re having a one penny bazaar today!! Special items will only cost 1 penny each and this penny will go to charity! I am SOOOO going there after I hunt down and get my monitor cable. Wish me luck!

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