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As I probably had mentioned in my twitter or on another post, I went to Baker Street on Wed. When I came out of the tube station, I was surprised at the horde of tourists and then I realised that Madame Tussaud’s was just a stone’s throw away from the station. Sherlock Holmes fans would also have bells ringing in their heads that Baker Street is the home of the fictious detective. Well…yes, and here’s the statue made in honour of this famous detective.

I want to go back to Baker Street for Madame Tussaud’s and Sherlock Holmes but my bro said that he’s not going to pay for my Madame Tussaud’s entrance fee =((( *throws a mini tantrum* But I wanna see the wax figures!! Missed it the last time I was here and mum got to see it..but I didn’t!! Waaah…. ='(

If you were wondering what I was doing at Baker Street (other than being a tourist), its because I went to the London Business School to take part in a paid survey. GBP 10 for 45mins of clicking on a computer BUT the tube trip to and fro had already cost GBP 4.40. Ah well…some moolah is better than no moolah.

I also managed to get my DVI-HDMI adapter and lead….which cost me a grand total of GBP49.48. Bah…there goes all my money. However, that means that I can do my work in ‘peace’ on my own comp, which I am doing now. Yes…the screen’s huge and the words that I am typing out now are showing on a 42″ LCD screen. Woot~ Actually, wld be better if it were halved and I had TWO screens so that I can organise stuff easily – the same way I do at home with my double monitors.

Walked a lot on Wed because from Baker Street, I walked till Park Street where LBS is, then walked all the way to Marble Arch/ Oxford Street with Sharon as we wanted to check out the platters at Mark & Spencers. Remember the Penny Bazaar that I mentioned? Penny Bazzar items were ALL SOLD OUT. Within half an hour. M&S opens at 8. Apparently, people were already queing at 7am. Singaporeans aren’t the only cheapo kiasu ones ok. We just talk too much about our kiasuism but the rest of the world is just as bad. Seriously. You’ll know what I mean when you travel enough and meet enough of these kiasu people *remembers being pushed aside by a Japanese woman who was rushing up the train*

Anyway, the uber domesticated me made a nice colourful dish last night, which is simple and everyone should be able to make it! Roasted chicken thighs on a bed of asparagus and roasted peppers. They actually have ORANGE peppers here. So cool. Ok, how did I roast the peppers? Easy. Just whack it into the oven at 220 deg C and don’t be alarmed if the skin starts getting burnt and blistered. Once the whole thing is blistered and black, put it in a bowl and cover t immediately with a cling film. Or, like me, you can put it in a plastic bag and just close it. Once it cools down, you can peel off the skin and cut up the soft roasted peppers. Very yummy and sweet!! The rest…well, I don’t need to tell you how to cut asparagus and you can marinate the chicken however you like. I just used garlic and those marinate sauces that come out from a bottle. I do have a secret marinate recipe though…but…not revealing! Muahahaha…

Hmm…is this entry getting a wee bit long? Well, just to round things off, bro and I plus some of his friends will be going to watch “Star Trek” on the IMAX screen tonight!!

There’ll be more grocery shopping over the weekend (ran out of milk) and I’m thinking of visiting Camden Market or Portabello Market as I want to hunt down some vintage charms and really really nice handmade clay flowers etc.

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