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Chowchow’s friend is going to get a maltese. As such, we went to Pasir Ris Pet farm today to view the pooch as well as to look at some other dogs.

As the maltese breeder was only going to be in at around 1pm, we decided to look at another puppy farm before going over to the breeder’s place. I fell in love with this 3/4 American 1/4 English cocker spaniel puppy.

His snout is a little stubbier than a pure English cocker, which was why I thought it was an American cocker. However, just to clarify, I asked one of the salespersons there whether it was an American or English. His reply was, “Mixed. 3/4.” To which I asked again, “3/4 of what? American or English?” He answered, “Both. 3/4 American 3/4 English.”

My expression: -__-;
I mumbled to Sing: 3/4 and 3/4 makes 6/8…not a whole no.
That got a snigger from her.

I’m sticking to 3/4 American 1/4 English because of the snout and the size of the puppies are smaller than when Baileys was 3 mths old.

I asked them to show me the one that I fell in love with. Generally, his fur is a light shade of brown but his snout has a sprinkling of white and he has two paws that are white…makes him look as if he’s wearing socks. As it is still a puppy, the body fur isn’t curly but the fur on the ears have curls. Sing commented that it looks as if the fur on the ears were permed.

The pic on the right is a little small but its the closest that I can find. This is a pic of a full grown American cocker though.

I carried the puppy and he did what Baileys does some times. He plopped onto my chest and was just oooh so comfy. He wanted to lick me too! *grins* I was so happily scratching behind his ears and oohing at him until the salesperson’s boss waved him to put the pup into the play pen. Oops…no passing of germs when pooch has only been vaccinated once.

Anyway, that darling pooch was going for $2500. *Gulps* Baileys will remain a bachelor with no doggy companion for the rest of his natural life…unless I move out and have enough money to get another pooch. Love cocker spaniels….やっぱりcocker spaniels are the dogs for me!!

After viewing that particular store’s puppies, we made our way to the maltese breeder’s place. She really has A LOT of experience and we spent a lot of time talking to her about raising dogs, how to housebreak a dog, things to prepare before getting a puppy and best – she told us how to choose malteses!! For that, kindly click ‘here’ to go to my Oops…I Need a Pet Sitter blog to read on that. Great insight! Proof that we all learn something new everyday.

Told my mum about the adorable puppy and I even asked Baileys whether he wants a younger brother. My mum sternly went, “Don’t you DARE talk to me about having a younger brother for Baileys.” =P OOps…

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