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Before I write about stuff that happened chronologically, let me say that we saw a FOX!! An urban fox!! So exciting!! We were walking home from the movies at around midnight and we saw this animal trotting. At first, I thought it was a cat because of its pointy ears but Gor went, “An urban fox!”

It was about 20m from where we were. All of us (fox included) stopped in our tracks and looked at each other. I was scrambling to take my camera out from my bag but the vixen decided to run away. Gor asked me why I didn’t run after it. -_- Siao. Like I can outrun a fox. Goodness knows whether the fox will scratch or bite me and if it has rabies. Ok…fox encounter over.

Yesterday was a mad dash of going to buy groceries, rushing home to keep groceries before heading off to church. We ended up being 15 mins late and the priest was already saying his homily. =P The communion wafer was brown (hmm)….but we got to drink the communion wine too!

After church, we walked towards Chinatown for dinner and we had to walk through Carnaby Street. Look at the sun. This was taken at 7.15pm. Yesterday hit a high of 26 deg C but the wind was cool and the humidity was low. Such nice weather….

Check out the funky store Diesel store display!! This is new and isn’t a permanent feature.

All shops were closed by then (most shops close at 6pm) so…it was just window shopping. Literally…through the windows. For those who love shoes, I found the brand “Irregular Choice” here. Will check out the prices and let you know whether its cheaper here or not. I remember a pair of them going for over SGD 200-300 in one of those shops in Haji Lane.

Anyway, after dinner, we walked towards the West End to check out the screening time for “Angels & Demons”. That particular cinema wasn’t showing “Angels & Demons” so we walked to the tube to catch it at the cinema near home.

Another tourist was snapping shots within the tube, so we decided to do the touristy thing too. I blame the photographer for this blur shot. No second shot possible because the train was already approaching as this picture was being taken.

About the movie “Angels & Demons” – I quite liked it. My bro was saying how unbelievable it is etc….but let’s put this into perspective. It’s a piece of fiction despite the borrowing from actual fact and scientific theories. And its an entertaining piece of fiction. That’s enough. There are other works of fiction out there that don’t even entertain. So yes…I liked it. I find it less rubbishy than “Da Vinci Code”. Wished Pope Benedict looked as good as the ‘pope’ in the movie too. Muahahaha…

On a more sombre note, I received a call from Jen at 4am this morning informing me that Em has been hospitalised due to complications with her pregnancy. Em – I wish that its nothing serious and I pray that you and your baby are all right. Hang in there babe and just stop working. Rest lots!!

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