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I’ll be flying off to London tomorrow!! First time on the A380! Ok…will take pics 😉

As such, I will not be able to update my blog nor my website for a few days. Nonetheless, will blog with a vengeance once I’ve hooked up my CPU to my bro’s TV. Yup…I’ll be using his TV as my monitor. Before your jaw drops onto the floor with a loud “What?”, let me tell you that my CPU is the slim Acer tower that is as heavy as your laptop. 😛 It’ll be the last thing I pack into my hand-carry since I’m so hooked up. Haha…I might even surf the internet on my phone in the waiting lounge.

Ok…I must stop here. Have loads of packing to do…and I still need to trim Baileys’ paw fur and nails.


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