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Went to watch “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” last night with LF, YY, Sing, Chowchow, Sing’s bro, Alex and his gf. I’m sure I do not need to give you the synopsis of this movie because the title says it all!

Hugh Jackman reprises his role of Wolverine and seriously, nobody can do it better than him. He really has become synonymous with the character and he is the most loved flawed superhero among the X-Men.

This movie is great for X-Men fans as you get to see the usual characters when they were younger (Cyclops, Sabretooth, Emma Frost etc) and the action is really really cool. Agent Zero with his super fast gun shooting and Wade (before he became Deathpool) was oh so kakkoii with his double samurai swords.

Hugh Jackman is just hot. And the fact that he’s such a nice person just adds to his likeability. Mmmm….I want my man to look that yummy at 40. =)

Ryan Renolds is perfect for the role of Jabber-mouth Wade. Felt so sorry for him when he turned into Deadpool and his mouth was sewn up. YY (who is like an American comic otaku) told us that Deadpool eventually was resurrected and gained back his ability to talk. Wahaha…would love to see that man.

My fave character, Gambit, makes an appearance!! Question: Gambit and Rogue eventually became a couple but…isn’t Gambit a little too old for Rogue if he’s an adult in this particular movie (movie takes place around the 1970s)? Hmm…maybe I’m wrong. Shall do a wee bit of research.

Anyways, this movie is definitely great action, cool sequences and worth being entertained for that 2 odd hours. You won’t feel bored at all!

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