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Met my ex-colleague yesterday at Covent Garden and she (plus her friend) were an hour late. So, I was already at Covent Garden and decided to walk around while waiting for them.

Covent Garden used to be a market so there are shops within the market square and outside the tube station too. However, I find that it has turned somewhat into our Lau Par Sat where things are tooo cleaned up and renovated?

Nonetheless, its a nice quaint place to just hang and chill out with friends. It’s less noisy and crowded compared to Bond Street but Bond Street is where you want to shop at. Covent Garden has a more carnival feel to it. There are buskers as well as a bunch of ang mohs dressed up in Indian saris etc and dancing the Hari Krishna (forgive me if I spelt this wrongly). My friend (who’s Indian) commented that it was “so weird that it’s not funny.” Quite true, although we did laugh at her comment.

The Royal Opera House is at Covent Garden too so we just popped in to see how it looked like. Nothing spectacular. But its location is probably what inspired one opera singing busker…she kinda ruined my mood for lunch. She was good actually, but I don’t appreciate listening to opera, especially sopranos, while eating. I’d wonder whether her singing would curdle the milk in my tea.

Anyway, after mulling the shops at Covent Garden (H&M, Paul Smith, Agnes B, Mulberry, Ted Baker), we went off to Bond Street to do a wee bit more shopping, meet up with her friend (she had gone off to drop off something) at Selfridges & Co. and for her to exchange a pair of slippers that she had bought the other day.

The warm weather for the week had finally dipped to 18 deg C yesterday and I wore shorts and my new cap! Like it? I bought it at Spitalfields Market for only GBP 5 (about SGD 12) and I had seen something similar in Singapore selling for SGD 40. I’m so happy…lalalalalala. You like??

I am now the new queen of cheap and check out all these quality buys!! The white top is only GBP4 and the blue one is GBP 8 while the linen pants are only GBP 8!! I was quite lucky with the blue top because there were only 2 left and only this one was in my size (the other was 16..too big). That’s another pattern for the female boxer shorts. Love the words “Paws off” on the waist band. So cutte….

Well, if you like anything and would like me to buy it for you, just drop me an email with your UK size!

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