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As mentioned in yesterday’s post, my bro and I went out on Mon. We went to check out cheap musical tickets at Leicester (pronounced as les-ter) Square, and look what we saw!!

Bumble Bee!!!

Yup, Monday was the London premiere of Transformers! Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf were in London after the German opening on Sunday. It was only 3pm and there were fans waiting for these stars behind the barricades. The general public were still allowed to walk on the pavement (ie. within the barricade) but it felt weird. Felt as if everyone’s eyes were on you and as if they were irritated that you’re not their idols. Weird.

Didn’t get any tickets ‘cos they were out of Gor’s budget. Moving along now…

We walked past Trafalgar Square on our way to Westminster Abbey.
If you have time, search “T-mobile trafalgar square” on youtube to watch their semi-spontaneous ad where thousands of people sang along. Pink was there too. Go check it out. It’s quite cool, actually.

Walking further on, we walked past this road/gate, which would eventually lead us to Buckingham Palace…if we chose to do so. But I’ve been there and so, we didn’t do a detour.

Notice the flags decorating the sides? Wonder what the decoration’s for…

If you’re visiting London, I would recommend doing this walk. Just grab a city map. Start off at Trafralgar Square and walk towards Downing Street.

I’m sure you know who lives here….

The heavily guarded house of the Prime Minister of UK.

Before reaching here, you would have passed by the Household Calvary and if you’re lucky, you might see them changing shifts. The horses are pretty and everybody’s so well groomed. Otherwise, I find that its dreadfully boring to see men in uniforms on top of horses. If that’s your thing….then….

By now, you’ll be walking along Whitehall Road and you’ll see the Cenotaph in the middle of the road, which lies an unknown soldier who died during WW2. Walk for about another 3-5 minutes and you’ll see this:

Big Ben!!

Cross a few roads through the huge roundabout and you’ll reach Westminster Abbey in the front and Houses of Parliament on the left.

Entrance of Westminster Abbey. As per my previous post, please check the visitor timings before going. You wouldn’t want to miss your chance to view the tombs of Issac Newton, Michael Faraday, Shakespeare and other famous people. I’m sure most of you know about Issac Newton’s tomb from Da Vinci Code ;).

Remember how I mentioned that some churches have mixed styles? It is not unusual for churches or any buildings to have add-ons etc. Same goes to Westminster Abbey.

These weather/wind vanes are a relatively new addition to the Abbey. They aren’t very clearly seen in this picture…guess you’ve got to click on the picture to blow it up and view.

Above is the House of Commons, where loads of news went on for the past couple of months thanks to the MPs’ expenses scandal. Btw, the Queen is constitutionally NOT allowed into the House of Commons.

Above is the House of Lords.

Well, to sum up, we did manage to get into Westminster Abbey to attend their evensong @ 5pm. It felt a little like attending mass. The choir was made up of little boys who could hit notes that sopranos usually hit (but music snobs will say that they don’t sound the same in terms of voice quality; others might accuse them of being paedophiles…hahaha…).

No photo-taking is allowed inside the Abbey so…you’ve got to see it for yourself. It is a little like Rome. Pictures sometimes, don’t do a place justice. Especially for old historical buildings. Imagine, Westminster Abbey saw the crowning of King Henry VIII all the way to Queen Elizabeth II. Famous people have been buried there and Princess Diana’s funeral was held there as well.

Anyway, we had to extract ourselves from the past and live in the present. Or…we can celebrate the past in the present! Just like Louis Vuitton‘s pop art celebrating the many years of their Speedy bag. This thing revolves and each bag is held with a wooden hand. There are two limited edition metallic Speedies in there too.

If you’re in London till July, you can take a look at this at Selfridges & Co. on Bond Street. Btw, Selfridges’ sale starts today!! I’m going to check it out later this evening and smell out the goodies. Want me to help you purchase goods on discount? Drop me an email at with the brand and model no. Cheers!

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