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Won’t be able to sit down for my long posts till Tue (Gor took leave on Fri and Mon) so this is just a quick shoutout to….

1. Liling – Congrats on your wedding! Sorry that I can’t be there!! Have loads of fun and see you with the rest of our JC mates when we’re having our next gathering.

2. Sing – Wow…didn’t expect you to leave so soon! 🙁 Anyways, congrats on the new job and hope that you like Vietnam! Will Skype you once you’ve settled in AND once I have the moolah, will go visit you and eat lots of spring rolls and Pho. Hur hur hur… Was telling Moon that with me in London and you in Ho Chi Minh City, we’re all going to have LDR! 😛 Hmms…chowchow will be so lonely….

Looks like most of us are moving on with new stages in our lives. Me? I feel like I’m taking my gap year now…instead of after graduating from Uni. Thanks Gor for being my sponsor and just being understanding without being overbearing (although you are naggy :P)!!

Alrightey…be prepared for the long long long post on Tue! I’ve got loads to ‘talk’ about since Gor and I had a 2-hour lunch at Tom Aikens and we also went to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Met up with my friend/ex-colleague for about 10 mins at Harrods too. She’s flying off today! Have a safe flight V!

My ex-boss and his partner will be flying here in late June to have a simple ceremony at Oxford. I haven’t seen him for a year already. Hopefully, we can meet up!!

Okie dokes…have to go…ciao!

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