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Just a quick post before I head to Paris for the weekend.

Received an email from a reader regarding Wimbledon so I’ve decided to post a little more ‘advice’ regarding Wimbledon.

He asked me how long I’d reckon the queue would take if he went at 5pm. My bro’s friends who started queueing at 5pm only got in after 7pm while the friend who queued at 7pm got in after 15mins.

So, I do highly suggest going there early unless you have young children. However, that being said, I have seen young children in the queue on that Tues that I was in Wimbledon. Trick is, you’ve got to be patient and bring toys to placate them. Some children were playing catch.

Another good reason to go early is so that you get to enjoy the matches in either Court no. 1 or no. 2. After 5pm, you’d probably only get the free standing tickets and you won’t get to see much. Moreover, they tend to stop playing at 9pm. So, you won’t get to see much.

Ricardo: hope you get them tickets and that your daughter gets to enjoy the matches!

Anyway, I’m all packed up and about to go and sleep. Gotta wake up at 4.30am tomorrow!! 😛

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