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Was introduced to these delightful snacks by my bro. Awfully fattening since each piece is around 71-76 calories but oohh so good.

I think Waitrose ought to pay me for advertising their products….lol….but honestly, I think their products are really good. Had bought some of their stuff in Singapore and I had already felt that they were all quality products. Coming to London has just showed me their full range of foods and hehe…yes, I am exercising self-control. Thou shalt not put on weight.

Look at that….6 small bottles of drinking yoghurt for only GBP 1 (approx SGD 2.23). Amazing….who said you can’t find cheap stuff in London?

Unexpectedly, I actually went ‘souvenir’ shopping last week and bought these three reall! cute female boxers!! They’re a cotton and spandex mix and they’re extremely comfy. Moon & Sing – you two can fight over the bambi or apple one…boudoir babe is mine. They’re soo adorable, I feel like buying some more for myself…the bambi one is cute too…maybe I should’ve gotten one for myself as well….hmm….

Looky…these are the miniature tea set that I was talking about in a previous post. They’re sooo sweet right? Reminds me of when I was little and liked to play masak-masak.

I still haven’t gotten down to making them into jewellery because I had renewed my website’s hosting 2 days ago and now my control panel is wonky. I can’t update anything, which is annoying. Will start doing more stuff once I’ve gotten that sorted out.

Okie, gotta go off now as I’m meeting an ex-colleague for lunch soon. Not sure how and where we’re gonna meet actually because she hasn’t replied to any of my msgs on my Sg or on my UK mobile. She hasn’t picked up my phone calls either. Ah well…we’ll see.


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