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I’m in a bored mood. I think I might be PMS-ing.

The load of dirty clothing stares at me. The clean laundry begs to be folded. The dusty floor beckons. The sounds of “Can you please help me iron?” lingers in my head. The frozen packet of chicken lays defrosting while a shadow of a dinner plan comes to mind. I stare at my chipped nails and I know that they need to be cut and filed.

The drudgery of everyday life.

I’m so tired.

The weekend was another walking trip around London. I bet you must be bored of reading about London. Well…I’ll be going to Paris for this weekend. So you will be seeing something different.

Tennis fans, I’ll be going to Wimbledon tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to see Roger Federer and Nadal. I know Anna Kournikova’s already here in London.

Slight “useless” information for you…yesterday (21 June) was the Summer Solstice. So, yesterday was the longest day of the year (Sun rose at around 4.30am and set at around 9.20pm) and from yesterday onwards, our days will get shorter.

Okie dokes…I’m going to chill for a bit before plogging through household chores (Gor – I’m NOT ironing your shirts). -__-zzzzzz Oh…it’s lunch time too…hmm…what to eat?

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