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Time really flies. I’ve been here in London for 4 weeks!! This is the longest that I’ve ever been in this city and I think that it’s great that I’ve gotten the chance to experience London as a non-tourist tourist.

Just like anywhere that I have been to, I always find that it takes more than 2 weeks to truly view a place and understand its culture/people etc. Seeing the famous sites isn’t enough. You’re just viewing buildings, parks or things.

I like seeing the touristy stuff too, but being here for a month has allowed me to see nooks and crannies, find interesting names of places, understand the transport system. I even experienced what it is like to be a commuter during a tube strike!

Observing people’s fashion is also fun and I realised that here in London, the people aren’t that stuck up over what one wears or what one’s size is. Of course there’s the usual stares at the obese person who pants when walking up the stairs. However, the people here are less judgemental over fat people. I actually feel normal sized here. Hahaha…

The energy from this place is also a mix between frantically fast as well as laid back fun and I just love the British wit. The shows on telly reflect that and I like it! Musicals and musicals…love how there is a theatre culture here and shows can run for months and years on West End.

Of course, being here has also made me very appreciative of the conveniences that I have back home. The MRT works, there aren’t many delays and places really aren’t that far. Buildings get built relatively quick and its generally safe.

Nonetheless, being overseas also makes you more aware of how Singapore and Singaporeans can improve! There was one day in the tube, where two young people immediately stood up and gave their seats to an elderly couple. People standing at the doors actually allow those alighting to get off the train first before they squeeze their way in. People on the escalators do keep to their right (it’s left in Singapore but few people follow this).

I shan’t complain any more because my conclusion is always this: each country and each city has its own quirks. There will always be pros and cons. It is this imperfection that makes a place interesting, isn’t it?

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