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“Weird Names of Places in London” – that kinda sums it up for this post. Enjoy~

Hmm…if this were a residential place, would the residents be called Cheapskates/ Cheapos/ Cheaper/ Cheaps?

Can you imagine living in this area and you’re giving directions to your friends when they’re coming to visit? “Oh…I live in Mudchute.” or “Just stop at Mudchute.” Mudchute….what were they thinking?

Ok…this isn’t that weird and there’s a Change Alley in Singapore too…but I’ve always wondered: Is it called Change Alley because you used to get change here OR you get changed. Well, since both Change Alleys (London and Singapore) are in the financial district…I guess it’s BOTH! 😉

Know any other weird names of places? Let me know!! We all need a good laugh once in a while.

My long post will be coming up!! I just wanted to reorganise some pics and give them themes…so do stay tuned for my next post!! Gosh…I feel like I’ve walked the whole of London City over the past couple of days. Legs are uber toned now but feet are aching….

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