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As I had blogged about yesterday, my bro and I went to Wimbledon yesterday. We finally left the flat at 9.30am and arrived in Wimbledon itself at about 10.30am.

The queue was horrendous. We were already told at the start of the queue that it was highly unlikely that we’d get it before 5pm. Consolation would be that the tickets after 5pm is half price.

This is part of the queue. There were about 2000 people ahead of us and (at least) another 2000 people behind us. This was taken at 11am. Some people had camped for tickets since last night! This is only the park opposite the tennis courts!

After 4 hours….
We finally managed to reach the golf course opposite the tennis courts. Still 600m to go…to the security post!!

Tips: –


  • Queue with friends…at least you won’t get bored
  • Bring a bottle of water each (you don’t want to dehydrate)
  • Bring a cap/hat (you don’t want to get heat stroke)
  • Bring an umbrella (in case it rains)
  • Bring food (food sold during Wimbledon are expensive and are junk food)
  • Wear sleeveless tops and shorts (you don’t want a horrible tan line)
  • Sunblock (you don’t want to get skin cancer or get burnt)
  • Wear comfy footwear ‘cos you’ll be walking and standing A LOT
  • Bring cash as they don’t accept card payments for tickets
  • Check the rules and guidelines etc on Wimbeldon’s official website before going
  • Bring a windbreaker or cardigan (the weather will definitely change throughout the day)
  • Bring sunglasses (protect your peepers)
  • Eat Strawberries & Cream – its tradition!

After queuing for 5 hours!!!

The main entrance!

We were very lucky to get the few remaining tickets for Court no.1. Of course, the Centre Court tickets were all snapped up by the first hour that the turnstiles were open (only 500 tickets available each day)

There are 19 courts in total and Centre Court is where the more exciting/ important matches are held, followed by Court no.1 and no. 2.

Yesterday was mainly Round 1 or Round 2 of matches and as luck would’ve it. We managed to watch Darina Safina (current world no.1…although there are some who criticise her ranking) play against Lourdes Domiguez Uno. Safina wasn’t playing her best. There was one game where she gave away points through double faults and her service was terrible. Btw, she’s Marit Safin’s sister and Marit Safin was playing last night too!! But my bro and I missed that match while trying to find a friend in the Wimbledon “village” as I like to call it.

I now have lobster red arms thanks to the sunbathing I had while queuing. Let’s see how long this tan will last. I know, I don’t look as if I’ve gotten a tan from the pics but I’m fair….fair to the point where some friends complain that I make them look tanned when I stand next to them 😛

Anyway, enjoy the pics!!

Above: Safina

Above: Domiguez Uno

Next match – Juan Carlos

Above: Juan Carlos Ferrero

Above: Mikhail Youzchy (apologies if I spelt his name wrong)

Wimbledon started out as a club and STILL is a club. This is the main club entrance where the tennis stars go to before their matches.

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